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The "e" Within

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Newsletter - Personal Growth
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The “e” Within is a holistic program designed to develop the multiple dimensions of the student-athlete and person. Through programming, support services, and natural self-discovery, this program fosters and monitors the development of each student-athlete by catering to the unique pressures and special needs of student-athletes. The goal is to provide a variety of support and encouragement to each student-athlete so they experience success on and off the court as well as after graduation.

A team of passionate professionals are committed to ensuring each student-athlete’s experience is positive, progressive, and profound. The staff understands the demands on student-athletes and their subsequent need for opportunities of personal development outside of commitment to their sport.

Personal Growth

Community Service – SIUE Athletics is committed to giving back to the campus and community by providing opportunities for student-athletes to serve and make meaningful contributions to others. All student-athletes, coaching staffs, and support staffs participate in two to three community service projects/events on a yearly basis. Additionally, each student-athlete participates in a minimum of five hours of community service per academic year.

Leadership Development Academy – In order to develop and inspire a strong culture of leadership within SIUE Athletics, The Leadership Development Academy was born in 2012. Through this program, each year a pair of student-athletes from each team is provided intentional leadership education and training through group discussion, activities, and relationship building. Those who participated in previous years serve as mentors for the student-athletes new to the program. The mission of the academy is to help student-athletes develop their leadership potential for the purposes of character development and enhanced team performance.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee – The student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC) is a committee made up of student-athletes to provide insight on the student-athlete experience and to participate in the campus community. The SAAC also offers input on the rules, regulations, and policies that affect student-athletes' lives of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) member institution campuses.

Cougar Cup Competition (Presented by the Prudential Financial Professional Internship Program) – In this spirited competition between athletic teams, the focus is on developing leadership skills, teamwork, supporting other student-athletes, and academic achievement in exchange for points and the ultimate goal of being awarded the Cougar Cup trophy.

Academic Growth

Many varieties of academic assistance, resources, and services are available to help our student-athletes maintain a balance between the demands of academics and athletics. By providing services like tutoring, counseling, and mentoring, our student-athletes are able to perform above expectation.

Study Tables – Study tables is open exclusively for student-athletes and are held in the athletic computer lab and one large classroom, which are monitored by tutors to ensure an atmosphere ideal for studying. Tutors are available for various subjects to be used by any student-athlete attending study tables who are in need of help in a specific subject.

Academic Advisement – Advisement is mandatory for all students prior to registration each term. Advisors provide information about majors and refer student-athletes to the appropriate campus or community resources. The athletic academic advisors work closely with campus departmental advisors to assist and provide guidance to student-athletes with course selection appropriate to their practice and competition schedules. All student-athletes benefit from priority registration allowing them to choose class times that they will miss the least. The athletic academic advisors also understand the pressures and special needs of student-athletes and work closely with athletes to monitor their personal development and satisfactory academic progress toward their degree.

At-Risk Student-Athlete Academic Program – Academic mentoring or monitoring is offered to student-athletes who may have difficulty balancing the demands of university-level academics. These student-athletes are provided a variety of services that include, but are not limited to, weekly meetings with an advisor, referrals to campus services, grade/attendance monitoring, and tutorial services.

Tutorial Assistance – Tutors are available to assist student-athletes in a large number of subject areas. Individualized, as well as group tutoring is available to every student-athlete outside of athletics study tables. If the student-athlete is in need of tutorial assistance they can file a request with the Athletic Academic Services Staff.

Freshman Orientation Course – All first-year student-athletes enroll in an orientation course entitled “Advancing Cougar Excellence” with the focus on the SIUE values of citizenship, excellence, integrity, openness, and wisdom. This course is taught in tandem with the kinesiology department and covers a range of topics including sport psychology, anxiety in sport and the classroom, adjusting to new roles, nutrition, confidence, imagery, injury, financial management, communication, study skills, time management, social media responsibility, and media training. This course is uniquely suited to assist students in making successful educational, social, and developmental transitions into the University environment.

Special Assistance – At SIUE every effort has been made to eliminate barriers to learning. Through the office of Disability Support Services, a wealth of resources is available to the student-athletes.  Student-athletes who received academic support services due to a documented disability prior to entering college are assisted by the Disability Support Services staff to establish accommodations necessary to reaching their educational goals. Additionally, student-athletes also are referred to Disability Support Services if assessment or testing is needed to discover a potential barrier to education.

Career Planning

Career Development Program – Participating in college athletics is an unforgettable and formative experience. All student-athletes develop a unique set of transferrable skills during their undergraduate education. Years of training and competition afford student-athletes characteristics that will lead to future success. This program, in cooperation with the SIUE Career Development Center, best prepares our student-athletes for their future job search and career. 

Athlete Network – All SIUE student-athletes have access to this online community that makes connecting with current and alumni student-athletes easy. This network assists the student-athletes in advancing their career and acquiring jobs through networking with each other and employers who purposefully seek out former student-athletes because of the traits and dedication it takes to be both a student and an athlete.

Faculty/Staff Mentoring Student-Athletes Program – The purpose of this program is to foster a greater level of communication and understanding between the University’s faculty members/staff and student-athletes by providing student-athletes with role models outside the normal academic and athletic environments.  Within the structure of this program, student-athletes are encouraged to view their faculty/staff mentors as caring professionals who can provide career information, academic guidance, and general life skills direction.

Etiquette Dinner – This event provides an opportunity for student-athletes to gain the invaluable experience of the do’s and don’ts of eating a formal meal. This skill is vital when looking for jobs, networking, interviewing, and entering the work force.

Spiritual Fulfillment

Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Since 1954, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) has been challenging coaches and athletes to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ. SIUE Athletics operates in association with FCA’s local chapter, Greater St. Louis FCA, to provide all the benefits of the largest Christian sports ministry in the world to our SIUE student-athletes. 

Center for Spirituality and Sustainability – The Center for Spirituality & Sustainability at SIUE is home for the campus ministries of several religious denominations who are dedicated to keeping religious faith and experience in dialogue with higher education. The center is also working to bring "green" practices into the building and educational programs about sustainability to the SIUE campus and local communities.

Personal Well-Being

Counseling Services – This is an invaluable free resource to all students struggling with temporary, situational, and/or chronic mental health. Counseling services provides individual counseling, counseling groups, healthy living workshops, consultation, and referral. Special attention also is paid to the ongoing issues affecting college students today. All staff in the Counseling Services office are licensed and in a continuous pattern of professional growth and development. Student-athletes are encouraged to use this free resource to maintain psychological well-being and development.

Not Anymore - This online program is designed to educate students about sexual assault and relationship violence. It uses honest and compelling video tutorials to learn about consent, sexual assault, bystander intervention and healthy relationships. 

Mental Fitness - Experts agree that peak performance is not only derived from practice and physical conditioning, but also from mental sharpness. In collaboration with the university's kinesiology department, a sport psychologist is available to help the student-athletes enhance performance, cope with pressures, recover from injury, promote a healthy self-esteem, and improve team dynamics.

Speaker Series – The goal of this program is to invite accomplished and experienced individuals to our campus to expose the student-athletes to a broad range of topics that support the development of a well-balanced lifestyle encouraging emotional well-being, leadership, personal growth, and decision-making skills.