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Academic Support for Student-Athletes

At SIUE, we believe that the development of the whole student-athlete (academically, athletically, and personally) is crucial to the success of him or her upon graduation. We are committed to the overall success and satisfaction of our student-athletes at SIUE. Through the academic support and programming provided, we hope to foster leadership and success in all of our student-athletes.



Please click the link above to review the academic annual presentation for this academic year. This presentation covers all COVID-19 modifications that impact study tables and the athletic computer, as well as, a review of all academic servcies, resources and requirements for student-athletes.


TUTORING - Spring 2021 
The following links include tutoring in the Student Success Center and Athletic Department.

Campus Study Rooms - A place to go in between your back-to-back synchronous and in perons classes

In Person Tutoring - Tutoring Resource Center, SSC 1252

ZoomTutoring - Tutoring Resource Center

Study Tables Tutoring - Zoom and Athletic Computer Lab



For 2020-2021 academic year, students must reserve space ahead of time to use the Athletic Computer Lab. Click the button below to sign up!

Study Table Policies & Rules
Study Table Charity Time

5th Year Financial Aid Application (Due March 26, 2021) 
Summer Financial Aid Application (Due March 26, 2021)

2020-21 Student-Athlete Handbook
Academic Success Program

Student-Athlete Affairs
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
Student-Athlete Tutoring Program

Turnitin (Tii) - use this intellectual property verification tool to prevent plagiarism. First go to and click "Create Account." In order to submit assignments, you must enter the following Athletics class ID and enrollment password each time you sign into Tii. 
Class ID: 18862278 Enrollment Password: siue1234