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Roster/Headshots of All Individual Inductees

Individual Inductees (In Alphabetical Order)
Les Agne (Men's Golf) -  Photo Gallery
Fernando Aguirre (Baseball/Friend of Program) -  Photo Gallery
Mike Allaria (Baseball) -  Photo Gallery
Mike Allen (Cross Country/Track and Field) - Photo Gallery
Lilian Almeida (Women's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Rosemarie Archangel (Administrator) -  Photo Gallery
Nik Baltz (Baseball) -  Photo Gallery
Jonathan Bannister (Men's Track and Field) - Photo Gallery
Al Barnes (Sports Information) - Photo Gallery
Rick Benben (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Lori Blade (Women's Basketball/Softball) - Photo Gallery
Jack Blake (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Christina Bokelund (Women's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Heather (Bonde) Ohlau (Volleyball) - Photo Gallery
Maurice Brown (Wrestling) - Photo Gallery
Deserea Brown (Track and Field) - Photo Gallery
Dr. Robert Bruker (Special Recognition) - Photo Gallery
LeAnn (Bryan) Harris (Women's Basketball) - Photo Gallery
Wilfred "Bud" Buddell (Athletic Trainer) - Photo Gallery
Mark Bugger (Baseball) - Photo Gallery
Doug Burke (Men's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Jeff Cacciatore (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Elisabeth Calander (Women's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Chris Carenza (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
John Carenza (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Dr. Emerson Carpenter (Team Physician) - Photo Gallery
Misi (Clark) Jones (Women's Basketball) - Photo Gallery
Michele Cleeton (Softball) - Photo Gallery
Daniel Cole (Baseball) - Photo Gallery 
Gary Collins (Baseball) - Photo Gallery
Kaitlin (Colosimo) Maggio (Softball) - Photo Gallery
Charlie Cox (Jean McDonald Service Award) - Photo Gallery
Ryan Cox (Baseball) - Photo Gallery
Dave Crouthers (Baseball) - Photo Gallery
Pete Delkus (Baseball) - Photo Gallery
Kent DeMars (Men's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Alicia (DeShasier) McConnell (Softball/Track and Field) - Photo Gallery
Tony Duenas (Baseball) - Photo Gallery
Jenny (Esker) Evans - Photo Gallery
Rich Essington (Men's Basketball) - Photo Gallery 
Terri Evans (Women's Basketball) - Photo Gallery
Juan Farrow (Men's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Vince Fassi (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Arjun Fernando (Men's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Ken Flach (Men's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Laurie (Foederer) Rinderer (Women's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Amy Frey (Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball) - Photo Gallery
Sharon Frey (Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball) - Photo Gallery
Janece Friederich (Women's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Tom Galati (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Harry Gallatin (Men's Basketball, Men's Golf, Director of Athletics) - Photo Gallery
Portia George-Morrow (Women's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Ed Gettemeier (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Michelle (Gilman) Cox (Volleyball) - Photo Gallery
Kathy (Going) Rogers (Softball/Field Hockey) - Photo Gallery
Alan Grammer (Wrestling) - Photo Gallery
Tom Groark (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Bob Guelker (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Mark Hattendorf (Wrestling) - Photo Gallery
Wendy Hedberg (Women's Basketball) - Photo Gallery
Jason Holmes (Men's Basketball) - Photo Gallery
Kevin Howe (Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Tom Howe (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Ed Huneke (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Dion Joannou (Men's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Cindy Jones (Softball/Director of Athletics) - Photo Gallery
J.B. Jones (Men's Basketball) - Photo Gallery
Mike Kelley (Men's Soccer/Women's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Bob Kessen (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery 
Kip Kristoff (Wrestling) - Photo Gallery
Larry Kristoff (Wrestling) - Photo Gallery 
Mark Kristoff (Wrestling) - Photo Gallery
Roy Lee (Baseball) - Photo Gallery
Kim (Lowe) Thompson (Women's Basketball) - Photo Gallery
Joan Mahon-Finder (Women's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Greg Makowski (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Matt Malloy (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Pat McBride (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery 
Valerie McCoy (Softball) - Photo Gallery
Laura McCune (Women's Basketball/Softball) - Photo Gallery
Dick and Jean McDonald (Friends of Program) - Photo Gallery
Keith McFarland (Men's Basketball) - Photo Gallery
John Meisel (Jean McDonald Service Award) - Photo Gallery
Bob Meyers (Women's Tennis/Men's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Sandy Montgomery (Softball) - Photo Gallery
Mike Moore (Special Recognition) - Photo Gallery
Erin Newman (Softball) - Photo Gallery
Holly Noller (Women's Track and Field) - Photo Gallery
Chad Opel (Baseball) - Photo Gallery
Keil Peebles (Basketball) - Photo Gallery
Tom Reed (Wrestling) - Photo Gallery
Joe Reiniger (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
P.J. Riley (Baseball) - Photo Gallery
Tom Ritzheimer (Baseball) - Photo Gallery
Kyle Rose (Men's Track and Field) - Photo Gallery
Bill Rusick (Men's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Lindsay Rust (Volleyball) - Photo Gallery
Becki Saylor (Softball) - Photo Gallery
Denise Schaake (Basketball, Softball) - Photo Gallery
August (Gus) Schalkham (Cross Country/Track and Field/Wrestling) - Photo Gallery
Al Sears (Wrestling) - Photo Gallery
Lori Sebastian (Women's Basketball) - Photo Gallery
Robert Seguso (Men's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Amber Shelton (Women's Basketball) - Photo Gallery
Johan Sjogren (Men's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
John Simmons (Friends of Program) - Photo Gallery
Ted Smith (Baseball/Men's Basketball) - Photo Gallery
Dewayne Staats (Friends of Program) - Photo Gallery
Don Stevens (Wrestling) - Photo Gallery
John Stremlau (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
David Strickfaden (Jean McDonald Distinguished Service Award) - Photo Gallery
John "Champ" Summers (Baseball) - Photo Gallery
Nancy Swain (Women's Basketball/Softball) - Photo Gallery
Patty (Tiddy) McWhite Albert (Women's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Tim Tighe (Men's Soccer/Friend of the Program) - Photo Gallery
Steve Trittschuh (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Tom Twellman (Men's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Vaughn Vandegrift (Chancellor) - Photo Gallery
George Vogel (Baseball) - Photo Gallery
Katie (Waldo) McKown (Softball) - Photo Gallery
Deana Wallace (Women's Soccer) - Photo Gallery
Jack Whitted (Jean McDonald Distinguished Service Award) - Photo Gallery
Marco Winter (Men's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Michelle (Wreen) Staroba (Women's Tennis) - Photo Gallery
Tim Wright (Wrestling) - Photo Gallery

Team Inductees
1972 Men's Soccer
1972 Baseball
1974-75 Wrestling
1975 Men's Soccer
1976 Baseball
1977 Baseball
1977 Men's Soccer
1978 Men's Tennis
1979 Men's Tennis
1979 Men's Soccer
1980 Men's Tennis
1981 Men's Tennis
1982 Men's Tennis
1982 Softball
1983 Men's Tennis
1983 Baseball
1983 Men's Golf
1984 Wrestling
1984 Men's Tennis
1984 Women's Tennis
1985 Wrestling

1985 Women's Tennis
1986 Wrestling
1986 Women's Tennis
1987 Wrestling
1987 Women's Tennis
1988 Wrestling
1988 Women's Tennis
1989 Women's Tennis
1991 Baseball
2004 Men's Soccer
2005-06 Men's Basketball
2007 Softball